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About Us

Victoria Seeds Ltd founded in 2004 by Josephine Okot and has grown from humble beginnings into Uganda’s leading seed house marketing over 90 seed varieties of cereal, legume, horticultural, oil and forage crops in the domestic and regional market. The Uganda agri-input market is an emerging market where numerous challenges continue to confront agri-business. It therefore took courage, passion and the fearless pursuit of a dream by the founders to grow Victoria Seeds into Uganda’s seed market leader.

We opened a Sales Outlet in 2006 at Nakivubo place to facilitate seed delivery to agro-dealers and established a research facility thereafter at kawanda in 2007 to research and develop new varieties adapted to our environment. Our company commissioned a seed processing and research facility in Gulu in 2008 to improve seed availability to communities resettling in Northern Uganda and started engaging largely women in the regional seed industry supply chain.

In 2011 the company has opened a third Processing and marketing facility in Masindi Town to expand its processing capacity and meet the increasing country demand for improved seed. Our team is passionate about empowering rural women and forging partnerships with organizations that share our vision

Our Values

Our Core Purpose
Africa's Leading Agro Solutions Company

Our Corporate Philosophy
We never compromise quality and rather lose a sale than supply inferior seeds to improve cash flow. Our team understands that it takes years for farmers to adopt new varieties and yet it takes only one season of poorly performing seed to lose their trust and business.

Our Belief
Here at Victoria Seeds our team knows that just being good is not always good enough and no company became great by just being good. They became great only after going the extra mile

Our Business

We offer more than just seed, we manage risks because rain-fed agriculture is an inherently risky business and farmers must deal with uncertain weather, disease, pests and additionally increasing fuel price. We provide in the seed -:

Drought tolerance
Early maturity
Better yields
Disease resistance
Technical information

To manage risks we offer farmers more choices in our varieties with crop protection products and provide extension support to achieve optimum yield potential

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide quality cereal, legume and horticultural seed with related extension support that assures our customers of improved nutrition and income

We are committed to bringing consistent value to our customers through our brand identity and corporate philosophy.

We are crop scientists and farmers but the big difference is why farm. To research and develop, produce and market new varieties adapted to our changing planet.

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